Friday, April 13, 2018

Fourth Grade News
From Ms. Zozak

April 11, 2018

Welcome back!  It’s hard to believe we are on the tail end of our year
here in fourth grade at GES.  There are so many things yet to do and
many activities coming our way! Stay tuned in to our school news
emails so you’ll know what is coming up.

Math:  We have started Module 9 which is primarily about fractions--
strategies for ordering, comparing, calculating equivalent fractions.  
It ends with some work in converting mass and capacity in the U.S.
Customary system. We’ll be moving through 9 as quickly as we can
so we can move into talking about decimal fractions and do some
higher level work with fractions.  We’ll also need to review geometry,
and measurement of angles and graphing to prepare for our final MAP
test which will be the week of May 1. Continue to practice math facts,
especially division. Factors, multiples, prime, composite… do you
know these terms?

Students can continue to work on Khan Academy but are also
experimenting with a new site called

Science:  How do animals reproduce?  Lesson in our Science book
followed by studying complete and incomplete metamorphosis.  
 Animal report due the end of April. All students will make an animal
folder to keep the report in in class.  Students choose an animal of
their choice. Links are available on my science web page for research.
Keep track of links you use and books you use.  They should be listed on
your report. Some time will be given in class to work and this can be an
option during I Time as well. We continue to check in with the Decorah
eaglets.  All three eggs hatched over spring break and the eaglets are
doing well. We watch the live cam and note our observations on a
google doc.

Social Studies:  We are still learning about the Civil War in the U.S.
and the Underground Railroad.  We did side studies on Harriet
Tubman and Clara Barton. An essay is due Monday on the differences
between the north and south.  A graphic organizer and information sheet
was provided for this assignment and time in class will be given to work
on it but a little time at home “polishing” might be a good idea!  It can
be shared as a google doc or printed out and turned in or hand written.

Madison Trip:  Our trip is May 4.  We’ll be sending home a note by the
end of this week.  

Team Time:  We met on Monday for a team experience about colors.
 We each were given a certain color as we entered the room.  First
we grouped ourselves by color and realized as just one color, life could
be a little boring.  Putting all of our colors together made a rainbow
and that was much more interesting. Some photos were posted on
Classroom Dojo Stories for parents to see.  Next we were grouped
according to a number which facilitated small groups of rainbow colors.
We did a reader’s theater style reading where each color thought
they were the most important.  Rain brought in a storm and all the colors
saw that a rainbow is a reminder of how all the colors can work
together to something quite beautiful and strong. Lastly, we worked
collaboratively to form a colorful poster.
On Monday, we’ll meet with Mrs. Noel and talk about how our
personalities and leadership style can be quite “colorful” as well.  

We will practice for severe weather on Thursday.  

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