Thursday, February 15, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thank you, parents, for helping us to have a great Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day fun!

We've had a busy week!  We finished Module 6 in math and tested on that.  We're excited to get the new book for the second half of the year next week!

We just finished working with measuring angles with a protractor, using logic to tell measurements without a protractor and reminding ourselves about acute and obtuse angles.  This math falls under "Measurement and Data" as well as Geometry.  We also work on line plots and analyzing data.  We'll continue this work so we won't forget and add to it as we go.

Module 7 starts with fraction work which is an area we all need to work on!  We'll be working with mixed numbers, adding and subtracting including some borrowing - primarily with common denominators.  I will move into working with different denominators as well. I'm always looking at that next step to challenge our great learners!  

We are also busy in math working on areas that I have found to be the "next step" for your child in different areas of math according to the MAP test results.  We are all trying to focus and give our best effort for the rest of the year!  We want to try our best, persevere and finish strong! 

Continue to work on Khan Academy about three times a week at home on MAP Recommended Practice.  THIS IS HOMEWORK!!!!  In addition, if you know your child needs to practice math facts, please do so.  Ideas?  Check my math web page for a lot of links and resources such as printables.  Videos can be found there also to help with some things such as--did you forget how to measure with a protractor?  Check it out!

We also have had things added to our math binders that we need at our level.  These binders can come home any time you'd like for extra practice at home as well.

In Science, we'll be doing one more short lesson on chemical and physical properties of matter and then moving on to a new unit!  Stay tuned.....   

In Social Studies, we viewed a video on Google Classroom about Immigration in Wisconsin and wrote out a "3-2-1 Form" about what we learned - three facts, two things we found interesting and 1 thing we are still wondering about.  Now we are working on a report due February 23 based on our "wondering".  The answers to our questions are in our WI book which is available online and through some internet searches we are using to supplement our learning such as on kid friendly browsers like KidRex and Kiddle.  We have had time to work on this in class with direction and help from the teacher. 

More photos were posted on Classroom Stories in DOJO.  Are you a member?  We are trying to earn points for a schoolwide rootbeer float party.  Within our fourth grade each class is trying to win enough points for an ice cream party this month.  

So-- early release today, Thursday, at 11:50.  No school on Friday.
Teachers will be involved in professional development all afternoon today and all day Friday.

Report card work is due for us by midnight Wednesday night.  In addition, we have been requesting conferences with some students and that needs to be confirmed early next week.  You should have received a letter from your teacher stating a conference is or is not requested at this time.  You may request one if you'd like.  Conference night is February 28.
There is no time off during the day for conferences at this time.  I am certainly willing to meet with anyone that can't make it that night or at any time you have concerns.


Things are rolling quickly now as we plan for the state testing in March - the Forward Exam.  It feels like time is beginning to fly by as I plan for that and work between now and spring break.  The Forward Exam is extensive for fourth graders - testing in ELA, Science, Social Studies and Math.  It will take over two weeks to complete the testing.  I'll remind you as I'd like to make sure students are well rested and have a good breakfast and bring a snack!

That's it for now!  Enjoy your long weekend.

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