Sunday, February 25, 2018

Goodbye to February!

Math:  Module 7 started with division - dividing in half, by 4 and by 8.  We all understood what to do but many of us are stuck because we don't have our multiplication facts down solid!   We started working on some easy fraction work on Friday to "warm up" our brains on this topic.  We'll continue work on them this week.

Science:  We continue to do a bit of work on matter.  This week we will talk about chemical and physical properties of matter.  We've also begun observing the eagle live cam in Decorah Iowa.  Through Google Classroom, we'll make observations at times to learn about the life of the bald eagle and it's habitat. So far, two eggs have been laid.  It is rare, but this pair usually lays three eggs.  

Social Studies:  We had an assignment due on Friday, writing a one page paper about our "wondering" we wrote on a 3-2-1 paper we did on immigration in Wisconsin.  All students were given a handout explaining this assignment on Friday, February 15.  We had about three times during the week where we were given time to work on this and to ask questions and get help, besides having I Time available to work.  The assignment was due 2/22.  We'll continue on discussing Wisconsin becoming a state and then move into talking about the Civil War era.

Edutyping:  We are trying our best to fit in some edutyping time!  Reminders are always given whenever we use the computer to use the home row and good posture!  Students have access to this program at home as well. 

Other news:  This week there are conferences for some people on Wednesday night, February 28.  Forward exam begins the week of March 20.  All fourth graders take exams for the state in ELA, Science, Social Studies and Math.  

All students in the school are working to earn a large DOJO point incentive including a root beer float!  We'll find out this week if we made it!
Our fourth graders did not earn their personal goal of 1000 points to have an ice cream party.  We'll try again to earn something next month such as an hour of coding.
Wednesdays students have been offered an indoor drawing and coloring recess as an option with me.  There is less room on the playground than in the past so this is to help with that on one day anyway!  We will also go to the courtyard as an option on Thursdays with some students, weather permitting. 

I will start a journaling project with fourth graders this week to keep track of our memories of our fourth grade year and to help with some emotional and team building work.  We will also schedule a time with Mrs. Noel, Ms. Neumeyer and Mr. Balerian for team building activities.  It is hoped that we can learn to focus more on being a strong team, kind and supportive of one another and respectful to all.  


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