Friday, November 3, 2017

Where's the math homework?

I've gotten remarks here and there from students saying my dad or mom wonders why we don't have math homework.  I discussed this at conferences and have blogged or sent home a note about it before so here is a reminder.
Here is your homework:
Daily - check your child's take home folder.  Any math sheets should be looked over and make corrections on errors.  Practice math facts for speed and accuracy (with flash cards, games, online links - see my web page - like math magician, or print out worksheet (links on my math web page).  We also have a math binder that can come home any time for math homework.  Please use Khan Academy at home at least 3 times a week for about 20 minutes.

Reading homework impacts math and all other subject areas.
Science and Social studies will have homework including studying.  Any reading done in these areas (an article coming home, etc.) counts as reading minutes, too.

Opinions about homework have changed over the years and one of them is this.  I don't send home the same homework to all students.  We don't all need the same thing.  I try to send homework to all (different things) on the same day to be "fair".  I feel if the students are working hard during the day for 90 minutes of math, and you follow my "homework" daily work above, you have plenty to do!

I feel this is plenty to do at home.  You also need to have quality family time making great memories!  And just some time to relax!

Have a great weekend!

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