Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Life Cycle of Plants

Science:  We completed our first science test on plants Unit 3, Lesson 1 Plant Structures.  Students who scored a D or a B can retake the test this week on Friday.  (Remember we score with a Beginning, Developing or Secure at the elementary level.  An S for Secure is the goal.)  
     We are now studying Unit 3, Lesson 2, How Plants Reproduce.
Study guides were sent home on Monday and more are to follow.  We enjoy doing some "draw and write" work in Science to help us remember our facts and keep us focused.  Students are working on this science packet and should finish that on Wednesday.  We will see science slides, finish our packet and look more closely at parts of a flower.  We hope to dissect flowers soon.  We are also watching bean sides grow in the classroom and will look at parts of a seed (not on the test!). 

IF ANYONE HAS LILIES GROWING.... or any other flowers still growing outside that would be good for dissection... please let me know!

TEST on Unit 3, Lesson 2 next week Wednesday, November 8.

Math:  Seeing some things come home that aren't in Module 3?  That's because I am checking on various skills to see what students need support.  For example, we are supposed to be able to subtract multi-digit numbers.  I recently checked all on subtracting 3 digit numbers.  Some need support to go "over zeros" so I'm double checking that soon.  I will also be checking to see where students are at in their understanding of fractions. 

Book Fair is open all this week!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Red Ribbon Week starts tomorrow!

Red Ribbon Week starts tomorrow.  Students are asked to wear red.  Information about this week has been sent home to you through our school emails.

I enjoyed meeting everyone at conferences!! I had one yet this week and one more to connect with!  

On Monday, we'll cash in our Dojo points and practice a bit more for our assembly.

On Tuesday, our fourth graders will help to present an assembly on 'acceptance' beginning at 8:45.

Wednesday is a science test on Unit 3, Lesson 1 Plant Structures and photosynthesis.  Various study guides went home and a pretest was taken.  Looking for more?  Check out my science web page.  We enjoyed going to the school garden last week to look at fibrous roots, tendrils, vines, tap roots, leaf shapes, etc.  One group still needs to take this on site field trip!  We'll move next into Lesson 2  - How plants reproduce next.  We will hopefully be dissecting flowers for this lesson.  We will plan on starting another set of seeds going so we can look at the seed parts up close as we talk about Lesson 3 - Life Cycle of plants

Thursday is an Early Release day and our Halloween party (no costumes!) will be at 11:00.  Thanks to our parents for helping to put this together between our two classrooms.  No school in the afternoon or on Friday.  Teachers will be working on professional development/training.

Friday - no school. 

This month is always a very full one with so much going on!  (Conferences, Fire Safety, Red Ribbon, Halloween, ....) Fourth graders were also involved in doing the announcements daily.  

I am really enjoying this great group of kiddos who come from great parents!  Thank you for sharing them with me!  

Reminders:  Check your child's assignment notebooks.  Let me know if they are not using it as I impress upon them the importance of it and dating it! --and we had another big talk about it last week.  Also please check Take Home folders.  While I do have times where parents throw things away that they shouldn't, I have more of a problem of things being in there that need to stay home.  When I see student work I at least put a star or something so you'll know that I did see it.  

As you now know in more detail from our talks at conferences time, there are many more things happening in our classroom besides just what is on the report card.  And, especially with math, there are many things happening at many different levels.  I continue to work to help you see what we are doing and how all these needs get met.  I'd like to send the math binders home this week.  Please look at them and make sure they get returned next week Monday.  I plan on putting a comment sheet in there for you. Thank you for your support at home as students work on Khan Academy.  Several parents have asked for more math homework.  Your child can bring their math binder home any time.  This is a place where I provide practice in various areas as well as work chosen specific to each students greatest area of need.  You can also find supplemental work on my math web page.  I am able to easily update these pages to keep them current so please check there for support in any area. Your homework also is to look over work that comes home and discuss any errors.  Be sure your child understands them.  If neither of you can figure it out... or I've made a mistake... just send it back with a note.   Practicing math facts for speed and accuracy is also vital to student success as we move forward to more involved and difficult work such as multiplying double digits by double digits, working with factors and multiples, and working with fractions.  Again, ideas are on my math web page in the form of printables (see Parent Resources at the bottom left side) or links to math games to help (top of page, left side). 

That's all for now!  Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Fall Conferences Are Next Week!!!

Sign up for conferences with your homeroom teacher right away please!
Conferences are Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 - 7:00 and Friday morning 8:00-10:00
Sign up through Skyward.

Creatures have inhabited our room!

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