Friday, September 15, 2017

Our studies this week....

We continued to look into information about hurricanes in an effort to understand extreme weather and have empathy for the struggles people are facing as they were displaced and then return to clean up what is left.

In social studies, we have been working on mapping skills.  
We have reviewed different types of maps as well as parts of maps such as title, key, legend, scale, compass rose and intermediate directions.
We are also reviewing landforms.  We'll soon direct our studies to Wisconsin and the unique landforms we have due to glacier formation.  

We've checked to see if we know the continents and oceans so we know where in the world is this hurricane happening... and where in the world is Wisconsin!  

In math, we have been reviewing our multiplication facts involving x 4 and x 8 (double double, and double, double, double).  Don't understand that? Ask your child how to use this method to multiplying 4 x 28 or 8 x 32.
We then extended that knowledge to do something like 16 x 15.
We will also discuss multiplying by tens.  If we know what 1 x 7 is, we should easily be able to do 10 x 7.  We continue to work with place value as well to understand that each digit increases by a power of ten as we move along a multiple digit number.

MAP testing is almost done.  I am able to like closely to Khan Academy using the MAP scores to pinpoint exact areas that students need work on.  Please help your child reach the goal of 20 minutes on Khan at least 3 times a week.  In addition, there will be time here at school to work on it as well.  I get a weekly printout of the minutes spent and a Dojo ticket will be given to those that meet this weekly goal. 

We will meet our buddies on Friday, September 15 (today).  We are excited about that and we will do an interview activity to get to know each other better. 

We're planning our first field trip for Friday, October 6 to the Wade House.  I'm in the process of booking the bus and getting that quote so I can then get a parent note out.  Payment can be made online through Skyward.

Some people mentioned trouble with making an online Scholastic Book Order using the code I gave.  That was the right code but I did "refresh" my activity so I'm hoping that will work now. 

We've had some lovely days outside, but warm weather in our classrooms but we've been doing a great job in spite of it!  What a great group of kiddos!  I'm enjoying getting to know them all!

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