Friday, September 8, 2017

Moving Along in Math

   Our first module in math is reading and writing six digit numbers.  We are learning to "represent" them in a variety of ways - on an abacus, using digits, writing the words and writing it out in expanded form.  
   Our math binders have been put together and provide us all with work at our level, extra practice where we need it and challenges to make us really think!  We have a section of brain teasers and a section of resources.  We'll continue to expand this as we move on.
   We are all signed up in Khan Academy and I am asking all students to work 20 minutes 3 times a week on Khan Academy at home as math homework.  I am able to assign specific tasks to students helping them where they need practice at whatever level they are at.  Khan Academy has work in connection with Stafford University and supports our MAP testing (Measures of Academic Progress).  Paper homework will come home now and then and may be different for different students depending on each student's need.  Every other lesson in our math book has two extra supporting pages of various math problems and topics.  We were all expecting these pages to be perforated so we could easily send them home but this is not the case!  When books come home you may also see some work that I have crossed out for students.  This is yet another way I am differentiating and individualizing instruction.  
   Our MAP testing will be completed within the next week, enabling me to review data and work to individualize instruction.  I'll provide you with this information as well.  
    We will work together to write in our Assignment Notebooks daily.  However, I will not be walking around the room and checking each student's book daily.  Please do ask to see the book daily and sign or initial.  If you want to send a note, students know to bring the book up to me to see.  If there is a consistent problem of a student not writing in the book, I will ask them to show it to me daily and I can initial to show that I saw it.  We are working to encourage our fourth graders to be responsible for themselves! Together, as a team, we can coax this along as the year progresses. 

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